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In the Search of the Top Ten

Most Distubring Horror Films of all Time

The Ulimate Search for the World's most Disturbing
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If you like to creep over the edge and take a peek on what goes on in the darkest part of the human mind then please join.
If you love horror movies, b-listers, and exploitation films then please join.

We are trying to come up with the top ten most disturbing horror/exploitation flick of all time.

1. Cannibal Holocaust (If you think you know a movie in this genre that's even worse, feel free to post and give reason. If I have seen it I'll give you my answer back)
2. August Underground Mordurm (A very close second, this film actaully made me have to turn away from the televison. I like Fred Vogel for he never lets you get comfortable but it seems to miss something. Fred is still very young and I would love to see what else he can come up with.

Rules: Please include spoiler warning behind LJ-cut, including foul language warnings, and whether or not this movie is too disturbing for general public.